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Wimbledon 2017 day 10 live as Johanna Konta takes on Venus Williams for place in SW19 final

Wimbledon 2017 day 10 live as Johanna Konta takes on Venus Williams for place in SW19 final

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by July 13, 2017 Sports

Andy Murray’s Wimbledon race is done after succumbing in five sets to Sam Querrey after his body broke down.

The home crowd’s hopes now rest with Konta, who faces the legendary Williams on Centre Court.

The other semi-final in the women’s singles is favourite and Spaniard Garbine Muguruza against Magdalena Rybarikova, which is first up from 1pm.

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There’s an assortment of doubles and we’ll have the build-up to the men’s singles on Friday too.

Roger Federer has received a gift with all his main rivals dropping out, meaning he is just two straight forward wins away from a eighth crown at SW19.


Konta’s run over as Venus reaches ninth final

Konta serving to stay in the Championships now.

She’ll be heading out of the exit in a few moments at this rate, a routine forehand crashing into the net to hand Venus the opening point.

Better on the next point as she finds an ace, and it’s 30-15 thanks to a forehand winner.

Great return from Venus there though, landing smack bang on the baseline and Konta can’t deal with it, but the Brit is given a let off on the next point as Venus nets a simple backhand by her standards.

She’s making life hard for herself again though as she overhits a short backhand to take it to deuce, she’ll have another crack at sealing the game though as Venus nets the return.

Venus wants to finish this right here though, as she ups the ante on the forehand side before putting away an overhead to take it to a second deuce.

And it’s match point to the American as Konta goes wide with a forehand, is this the end of her title dreams for this year?

It looks like it might be…. But Venus nets the short forehand! She’ll have a second match point though as an errant forehand from Konta flies long.

Big serve saves it, but she then double faults and it’s match point number three…. She’s done it!

Venus Williams is into a ninth Wimbledon final at the the age of 37 after comprehensively beating the bookies’ favourite Johanna Konta 6-4 6-2. Let that sink in.

It’s all over for Konta for another year, she’ll be hugely disappointed with her performance but her time will come again.

For now it’s all about Venus, and a truly magnificent performance reminiscent of her years of domination on the grass of SW19.

Konta 4-6 2-5 Venus

Venus starts the game with a backhand drive volley, and another winner takes her 30-0 up.

Konta gets a point back, but some more crushing serves and ground strokes from the American and she is a game away from victory.

Konta 4-6 2-4 Venus

Better start to the game for Konta, as she fires down a big serve of her own and forces Venus to net a volley to move 30-0 ahead.

Another pinpoint serve goes unreturned to give Konta three game points, but she can’t take the first as a backhand flops into the net.

She can’t take the second either as Venus hits the forehand pass after a rather heavy handed volley from the Brit, and it’s worrying moments as she blazes long again to bring what should have been a comfortable hold to deuce.

Another chance to close out the game for Konta as she crashes down another big serve, and she finally has the hold as she hits a backhand down the line.

Konta’s still fighting, and this one’s not done just yet.

Konta 4-6 1-4 Venus

Big serve to start the game, and another one almost takes Konta’s head off it was so vicious.

30-0, but Venus overcooks a backhand to give the sixth seed a glimmer of a break back.

Disappointing again though from Konta, as she plays a good point but nets a forehand after some solid defence from Venus.

Another second serve return goes well long, and Venus is now just two games from a ninth Wimbledon final.

For Konta, it’s looking increasingly like history will have to wait another year.

Konta 4-6 1-3 Venus

Another bad miss from Konta as she hits a mid court forehand wide, but she can’t do anything about that as a net cord loops the ball over her outstretched racquet, massive slice of luck there for Venus.

Huge trouble here for Konta as she double faults to hand Venus three break points.

Brilliant volley to save the first after Venus made her play an awkward approach shot, and another superb shot to save the second as she whips a forehand cross court for a winner.

One more to go, but it proves to be one too many as a backhand down the line form Venus forces her to net.

Konta 4-6 1-2 Venus

Backhand into the net gives Konta hope at the start of the game, but a great second serve and forehand get Venus the next point.

Another shot only finds the net from Venus, this time on the forehand side, but another terrific second serve pulls it back to 30-30.

A good return from Konta sets up the next point nicely, but she blazes long and Venus hammers down another big serve to seal the game.

Konta 4-6 1-1 Venus

Venus is a bit too keen to crush a backhand return and goes long on the first point, but it’s 15-15 as Konta nets a forehand.

A big serve and a backhand just wide from Venus give Konta two game points.

Another backhand looks to have gone wide, but Venus challenges and it in fact caught the smallest piece of the white stuff and goes down as a winner.

Konta gets out of the game with another service winner, that was much needed for the British hope.

Konta 4-6 0-1 Venus

A blistering cross court forehand moves Venus to 30-0, and a couple of errors from Konta give the American the perfect start to the second set.

Breaking at the end of the first set means Venus will serve first again in the second, could that be crucial?

Konta 4-6 Venus

Dreadful luck for Konta on the first point, as a Venus return hits the net cord and forces Konta to scamper forward and miss a backhand.

That’s poor though as she puts a forehand, and suddenly Venus is at 0-30 and two points from the set.

And it’s now three set points, as Konta blinks first in an exchange of big forehands, real trouble for the Brit here and her first serve has deserted her at the worst possible time.

That must have been close, a second serve just catching the line but Konta won’t mind as it saves the first set point.

She can’t save the second though, as she hooks a backhand long snd it’s first blood to Venus.

A horrible end to the set for Konta, but take nothing away from Venus who played some wonderful tennis.

Konta 4-5 Venus

A big serve kicks off the game for Venus but she gives Konta a foothold with a double fault and opens the door even wider as she drives a volley into the net.

Are nerves kicking in for the five-time champion?

She can’t do much about that, as an excellent return sets up a forehand winner and it’s two break points.

A backhand winner saves the first, one down one to go for Konta.

How about that from Venus, a 103mph second serve to save the second break point, absolute nerves of steel there.

A big forehand is just out of Konta’s reach, and another whopper of a serve seals a massive game for Venus.

Konta 4-4 Venus

Konta has new balls to pelt in the direction of Venus Williams, and two big serves are too good for the American as Konta sprints to 30-0.

That’s a better return from Venus though which forces Konta to net, and a double fault makes it 30-30.

Venus can’t move her feet quickly enough to return a Konta backhand that lands righton the baseline, and a forehand down the line gives Konta th =e game.

Nothing between the two so far, neither player is giving an inch.

Konta 3-4 Venus

Konta can’t get a big forehand from Venus back into play on the first point of the game, but she forces the error from the 37-year-old on the next.

Venus isn’t the only one who can wallop her backhand returns though, and a big one from Konta moves her to 15-30 and she has a chance here.

She’s snatched at that though, as she overcooks a forehand return off a second serve which Venus then follows with a huge forehand.

Another return long from Konta, and that’s a good hold for Venus.

Konta 3-3 Venus

Lovely from Konta, as she works the space before firing a backhand winner down the line.

An ace moves her to 30-0, but Venus comes back at her with another missile of a backhand return.

That shot looks particularly dangerous from Venus today, and another one forces Konta to go wide with a backhand which makes it 30-30 again.

Another ace, Konta’s serve once again looking ultra-reliable when she needs it to fire, and a third one of the game wraps up the hold.

Konta 2-3 Venus

A double fault gifts Konta the first point, but Venus responds in brilliant fashion by making a stunning forehand pass down the line.

At 30-30 it’s the first time Konta’s had anything close to a look in so far, but Venus nervelessly puts away a smash and a backhand into the net from Konta seals the hold.

Konta 2-2 Venus

Two slices into the net from Venus give Konta 30-15, she’ll be disappointed with those.

A wild backhand lets Venus back in, and although she’s taken to deuce Konta’s serve gets her out of the game.

Konta 1-2 Venus

Big serve fired down from Venus to start the game, but Konta then pushes her out wide before picking her off with a forehand down the line.

Venus clubs another backhand for a winner, and Konta can’t return that serve which gives the American two game points.

Another return goes wide, and it’s another comfortable hold for Venus.

Konta 1-1 Venus

Not how Konta would have wanted to kick things off on serve, double faulting on the opening point, but she responds with a big one and it’s 15-15.

Venus smacks the cover off the ball with a return and Konta’s passing shot goes narrowly wide to give the five-time champ an opening.

Nice reply again from Konta though, pushing a forehand cross court that Venus can’t reach, and another forehand winner gives her game point.

A service winner and the Brit is on the board, impressive recovery from 15-30 down there.

Konta 0-1 Venus

Bruising first rally and Venus eventually forces Konta to net, if that’s a sign of things to come we’re in for a treat.

Big serve takes Venus to 30-0, and a shank following some more huge forehands from the American give her three game points.

Konta’s off the mark thanks to a forehand winner, but she’s on the back foot in the next point and can only slice into the net.

Emphatic start for Venus, she’s looking razor sharp.

Venus to serve

Right then, here we go, Venus Williams to get us underway.

History beckons…

Konta and Venus on Centre Court

An almighty roar from the crowd can only mean one thing.

Johanna Konta and Venus Williams walk onto Centre Court to a huge reception, and the pair are now knocking up before they face off for a place in the Wimbledon final.

Can Konta become the first British woman in forty years to make the final? Or will Venus give herself a shot at a sixth Wimbledon title?

Venus’s route to the semi finals

First round – beat Elise Mertens (BEL) 7-6(7) 6-4

Second round – beat Qiang Wang (CHN) 4-4 6-4 6-1

Third round – beat Naomi Osaka (JPN) 7-6(3) 6-4

Fourth round – beat Ana Konjuh [27] (CRO) 6-3 6-2

Quarter finals – beat Jelena Ostapenko [13] (LAT) 6-3 7-5


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Konta’s route to the semi finals

First round – beat Su-Wei Hiseh (TWN) 6-2 6-2

Second round – beat Donna Vekic (CRO) 7-6(4) 4-6 10-8

Third round – beat Maria Sakkari (GRE) 6-4 6-1

Fourth round – beat Caroline Garcia [21] (FRA) 7-6(3) 2-6 6-4

Quarter finals – beat Simona Halep [2] (ROU) 6-7(2) 7-6(5) 6-4

Johanna Konta up next

It’s almost time for the blockbuster clash between Johanna Konta and five-time champion Venus Williams after that thrashing dished out by Muguruza.

The pair have faced off five times before, and the head to head is 3-2 in favour of Konta.

Get ready, as this one is going to be an absolute cracker.

Muguruza into second Wimbledon final

A forehand goes long from Rybarikova, and then a backhand finds the net.

Muguruza is almost there at 0-30, and it’s now three match points as Rybarikova blazes long off the forehand side again.

The first one is saved as Muguruza goes long with a lob, but she takes the second!

A final forehand from Rybarikova is into the net, and Garbine Muguruza is into the Wimbledon final for the second time in three years after destroying the Slovak 6-1 6-1 in only 64 minutes.

A devastating performance from Muguruza, Rybarikova never stood a chance with the Spaniard in that form.


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Muguruza 6-1 5-1 Rybarikova

Narrowly wide from Rybarikova on the forehand side, and it’s 30-0 Muguruza as the Spaniard sweeps a forehand winner into the open court after forcing Rybarikova out wide.

A second serve return goes comfortably long, but the Slovak pulls a point back with a lob following a lovely drop shot.

That doesn’t hold Muguruza up for long though, as another attempted drop shot can only find the net and the 14th seed is a game away from the final.

Muguruza 6-1 4-1 Rybarikova

A forehand smacks into the net to give Rybarikova the first point, and she finishes off her best point of the match with a pinpoint lob to get herself a 30-0 lead.

Another error from Muguruza gives the Slovak two game points to get on the board in the second set, but she’ll have to wait as Muguruza wrong foots her with another terrific backhand.

And she still can’t close it out, another tremendous point clawing it back to deuce but Rybarikova will have another chance as Muguruza can’t make the return.

Nope, a forehand pass is intercepted by the net and it’s deuce again, and it’s now break point as a half volley from the world number 87 drifts long.

It’s saved though, a clever point by Rybarikova forcing Muguruza to net an attempted backhand pass on the spin but there haven’t been anywhere near enough of those today.

Break point again, saved again and Rybarikova is desperate to avoid the bagel here.

Big serve doesn’t come back and it’s another chance for Rybarikova to get a game in this set, and she has it as Muguruza nets a forehand.

Relief for the Slovak, she’s not quite done yet.

Muguruza 6-1 4-0 Rybarikova

Muguruza outfoxes Rybarikova at the net to take the first point, and the Spaniard just can’t miss at the moment.

She misses there though, dominating the point but fluffing her drop volley into the net, but some more thumping groundstrokes give her an easy overhead to move 30-15 up.

Another stunning backhand down the line gives Muguruza two game points, and she takes the first with yet another winner off heer two-handed backhand.

Johanna Konta and Venus Williams might want to start finishing off their arm-ups.

Muguruza 6-1 3-0 Rybarikova

That’s so good from Muguruza as she finishes off a long rally with a brutal backhand winner, and two errors from Rybarikova makes it 0-40.

The Slovak already looks on the brink here, and a return winner seals the double break for a rampant Muguruza.

It’s been a wonderful run for Rybarikova, but barring something nearing miraculous from here it’s about to come to an end.

Muguruza 6-1 2-0 Rybarikova

Oh dear, Rybarikova sets up a point well but nets the final forehand and she can’t afford to throwing away point like that.

She wins the next one though as Muguruza goes long with a forehand, a thumping ace down the middle moves the Spaniard ahed in the game though and she had two points for a 2-0 game as Rybarikova can’t deal with a wicked forehand pass.

Another ace, this has been terrific stuff from Muguruza so far.

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Muguruza 6-1 1-0 Rybarikova

First point of the second set goes the way of Muguruza as she finishes the point at the net, but an ace from Rybarikova makes it 15-15.

A forehand winner from Muguruza and she’s already smelling blood in this set, but another great serve gives Rybarikova some respite.

Rybarikova then comes out on top in a 19 shot rally, the longest of the match so far, she can’t come out on top in another lengthy exchange though and it’s deuce.

Some punishing forehands force the 28-year-old to net and it’s break point, which is taken as a swinging volley from Muguruza doesn’t come back and the Spaniard is in cruise control right now.

Muguruza 6-1 Rybarikova

Wild drive volley goes wide from Muguruza, and it’s 0-30 when a forehand lands beyond the baseline.

Disappointing on the next point from Rybarikova though as she hits a routine backhand comfortably wide, and she goes for way too much to get Muguruza back to 30-30.

Cagey rally but it’s the Slovak who blinks first as she nets a slice, first set point for the Spaniard.

That’s all she needs, Rybarikova’s return drifts wide and it’s a very comfortable opening set in the bag for Muguruza who is closing in on a second Wimbledon final.


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Muguruza 5-1 Rybarikova

Big return from Muguruza is too hot to handle, but that’s much better from Rybarikova as she puts away a volley after a good approach.

And she wins the next point too, it goes back and forth but ends with Muguruza netting the forehand.

It’s Rybarikova’s turn to net a forehand though and she’s only two points away from being on the wrong end of a bagel set.

Good overhead there to bring up game point, and the bagel is avoided as a big serve gets Rybarikova over the line,

Muguruza 5-0 Rybarikova

Poor backhand into the net gifts the opening point to Rybarikova, but the 28-year-old can’t get a bruising backhand from Muguruza back and it’s 15-15.

Look-in for Rybarikova though after another error from the Spaniard, can she get something going here?

Not just yet, great depth from Muguruza eventually forcing the error, but she has her break point thanks to another loose shot from the 14th seed.

Nerveless volley saves it though, and it’s now game point as Rybarikova nets with a backhand.

A first ace of the match seals the game, and Muguruza is already just a game away from claiming the first set.

Muguruza 4-0 Rybarikova

Crucial for Rybarikova to get on the board here, but Muguruza piles on the pressure on the firs point and the world number 87 can only net a forehand pass.

And that’s too good, Muguruza crunching a forehand cross court before hitting the winner with a backhand down the line.

That’s not going to get it done, a poor drop shot is never going to beat as good an athlete as Muguruza and she’s there to put away the forehand winner to give herself three more break points.

The first one is saved after an unforced error, and the second as Muguruza narrowly misses with a big forehand return.

That’s all of them saved as Muguruza misses another return, she’ll be irritated by that but she has another chance as Rybarikova again finds the net.

Brilliantly done by Rybarikova though as she saves again with a lovely drop volley, but she can’t get enough on a lob and Muguruza volleys the winner to bring up break point number five.

A first serve is called out which hawkeye confirms was the correct call, and a wild backhand goes well wide to hand Muguruza the game.

Muguruza 3-0 Rybarikova

Two errors from Rybarikova give Muguruza a 30-0 lead, and a service winner sees her with three game points.

Muguruza thinks she has the game as Rybarikova’s return is called out, but it in fact clipped the line and the Spaniard slams a backhand into the net on the replayed point.

That’s only a brief reprieve though, a mishit backhand flies wide and the former French Open champion is in early command here.

Muguruza 2-0 Rybarikova

Bad start for Rybarikova in her first service game as she dumps a volley into the net, but she wins the next point as Muguruza nets a backhand.

An ace follows, there’s pressure on the Slovak though as a poor half volley allows Muguruza to stick away an easy backhand winner before another backhand winner gives her break point.

And it’s a double fault! Very nervous start from Rybarikova, and she’s already behind in her first appearance in a major semi final.

Muguruza 1-0 Rybarikova

It’ll be Muguruza to get things started on Centre Court, and she nabs the opening point as Rybarikova goes long with a backhand.

The Spaniard then returns the favour, but Rybarikova’s attempted lob on the next point doesn’t even reach the net to give her 30-15.

That’s a much better lob though as it forces Muguruza to make a bit of a mess of a smash, but a big serve gives the 2015 finalist game point.

Very nicely done by Muguruza, emphatically putting away a backhand volley and she pockets the first game.

A closer look at our first two semi finalists

The majority of tennis fans will be familiar with Garbine Muguruza, with the 14th seed finishing runner-up to Serena Williams at Wimbledon in 2015.

Muguruza, born in Venezuela but who represents Spain, got revenge on Williams as she defeated her in straight sets to claim a maiden grand slam title at the French Open last year.

That win in Paris was the last of her three career titles though, as after reaching a career high ranking of world number two Muguruza struggled to maintain her major-winning form, and her inconsistent performances in the last twelve months saw her tumble out of the top ten to which she will return after her run on the lawns of SW19.

Magdalena Rybarikova is a fairly new name to most tennis fans in this country, as she spent the whole second half of 2016 out injured and needed two separate surgeries in her knee and wrist.

In March she was ranked as low as world number 453, but played her way into form in the build-up to the tournament by winning ITF events on grass at both Surbiton and Ilkley before stunning third seed Karolina Pliskova in the second round en route to a first ever grand slam semi final.

The Slovak had only ever won two matches at Wimbledon in her entire career before this year.

Konta in relaxed mood

Johanna Konta is in relaxed mood during a hitting session this morning.

The home favourite will now be relaxing ahead of her match with Venus.

It’s Garbine Muguruza v Magdalena Rybarikova up first though and it’s due to start any minute.

British youngster saves match points to force decider

Better news for the Brits in the juniors though, as Aidan McHugh saves three match points to claim an epic tiebreak 12-10 and force a deciding set against Matteo Martineau of France.

McHugh has been hanging out with Andy Murray during the tournament, and if he can win the third set he’ll be into the quarter finals of the boy’s singles.

It’s almost time for the first of the women’s semi finals, with Garbine Muguruza and Magdalena Rybarikova due on court in around ten minutes time.

Defending wheelchair champion out

Huge disappointment for Britain’s Gordon Reid, as the defence of his men’s wheelchair singles title ends at the first hurdle.

Reid was beaten 6-2 6-3 by Stefan Olsson of Sweden, the man he beat to claim the title twelve months ago.

There is still the doubles to come for Reid, who partners French Open champion and fellow Brit Alfie Hewett.


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