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According to a New Study, Excessive Quantities of Coffee May Enhance Risk of Heart Diseases

One cup of coffee daily may be a way to avoid frequent visits to a doctor, but six of them or more may have the opposite effect. In spite of multiple reasons for drinking coffee in order to improve your health, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study according to which half a dozen cups or more daily enhance the risk of suffering from heart diseases by 22 percent, which is not something one should disregard.

Elina Hyppönen and Ang Zhou from the University of South Australia searched for a connection between the caffeine-metabolizing gene CYP1A2 and heart diseases in their research. They accomplished this by looking into the data involving 347,077 UK coffee drinkers aged between 37 and 73. In 8,368 cases out of the sample size, certain heart diseases were documented.

Although they did not manage to find a connection between the said gene and heart diseases, they proved that people who drink coffee excessively were at higher risk of developing heart disease. People who drank half a dozen cups of coffee or more daily were 22 percent more likely to suffer from heart disease in the future in comparison to those who drank only one or two.

What could be the most probable reason? High quantities of caffeine can lead to high blood pressure, which is the main cause of heart diseases. One cup of coffee contains 95 milligrams of caffeine on average. Subsequently, six of them would contain about 570.

According to Hyppönen, approximately three billion cups of coffee are drank daily worldwide. She stated that knowing what was healthy for you and what is unhealthy is a must. She added that everything was about moderation, similarly to many other things and that overindulging in something can result in your health paying the price.

According to the data provided by the American Heart Association, heart diseases involve multiple conditions, and the majority of them are related to atherosclerosis, a condition which implies the building up of plaque in the arteries’ walls. The condition further leads to the formation of blood clots, which are likely to block the flow of blood and result in a stroke or a heart attack. Heart diseases, also referred to as cardiovascular diseases, are the main reason for death worldwide, and excessive quantities of coffee are not even the worst thing you can subject your heart to.

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