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“Sanctity of Life” Highlighted by Recent Abortion Ban in Alabama

Alabama’s governor stated that the recent abortion ban mirrored the high value her residents put on the sanctity of life. She also added that she did not believe this would exert a negative impact on business recruitment or tourism. And just last week Gov. Ivey signed the most severe abortion law in the United States. It turned abortion into a felony and stated that it should be performed only in order to save the mother.

What’s more, shockingly enough the law does not make an exception for incest or rape. The Republican governor was quizzed about the criticism she received because of the lack of this exception. She only said that the Alabama Legislature decided to approve the bill without adding any exclusions. According to her, this law emphasizes the thing people in Alabama value the most — the sanctity of life.

The Republican governor received the question about the ban following a news conference on Monday. After she approved the bill, many took it to social media to express their opinion. Some of them stated that people should boycott Alabama. But Ivey does not believe that protesters could exert a negative impact on tourism or her attempts to attract new business and industry to this state. She went on to say that Alabama has a lot of mesmerizing sites people can enjoy while visiting. Therefore, Ivey does not think that this will stop travelers from doing so.

The Aftermath

The law will become effective in six months. However, many believe that legal challenges will prevent it from being enforced. A myriad of marchers gathered on the streets of Birmingham, Montgomery, and Huntsville as they wished to protest this ban. Among other things, they shouted, “vote them out” and “my body, my choice!” Staci Fox, CEO and president of Planned Parenthood Southeast, spoke in front of this crowd. She said that the bans did not stop abortions per se — they only prevented safe ones.

Furthermore, 69-year-old Deborah Hall was attending the protest. She brought an orange sign with a coat hanger. It said, “No Never Again.” This lively lady remembered how it had been before Roe v. Wade. And she cannot believe that people want to return to that. She expressed that she knew how it was for women back then. And Hall mentioned friends who asked doctors to perform illegal abortions on them. They almost died during the procedure.

Moreover, Alabama is only one of many conservative states which want to object Roe v. Wade. This landmark Supreme Court decision from 1973 made it possible for women to have abortions. Regardless of this, governors in Ohio, Mississippi, Georgia, and Kentucky prohibited abortions once a doctor detected a fetal heartbeat.

This means that women had about six weeks to undergo the procedure. On Sunday, protestors stated that they were awakened because of this decision. Besides, they are preparing for a political and legal battle. Fox concluded that they were after the seats of those who approved the ban.

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