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The Tuscaloosa Teacher Accused of Possessing and Transmitting Child Pornography Facing New Charges

Tuscaloosa, Alabama — Kenneth Alan Pierce, in addition to being charged for possession of child pornography, has been recently arrested because of the statements of a certain woman who claims Pierce enabled her to prostitute herself.

Pierce worked as a teacher at Collins-Riverside Middle School until he was arrested on May 21 because of charges involving possession of child pornography and transmission of pornographic material to a minor.

Northport Police arrested Pierce again on Wednesday after he had bailed out of prison.

He is currently in the Tuscaloosa County Jail following recent accusations of illegal actions involving an adult person.

Keith Carpenter, Northport Assistant Police Chief, stated that Pierce had been managing or enabling prostitution of a certain person.

According to court records, police questioned a woman claiming Pierce used to drive her to clients and that she used to give him a percentage of the money she was being paid.

The anonymous woman also claimed that Pierce had been in charge of security and doing background checks on clients.

She added that Pierce used to post ads on her behalf when her phone was out of function.

According to the investigators, he posted three ads on March 29 using his number.

Carpenter said that, in his opinion, they had found the majority of the evidence. However, he stated that there were more people whose claims could result in additional charges.

Aside from the seven charges that initially led to him being arrested, Pierce is now facing two additional ones on account of distributing pornographic material involving a minor.

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