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Web Development Training Course Starts June 4

Alabama’s residents looking to master the highly-sought-after skill of website building will have the opportunity to attend the Web Development Training course, starting June 4. The course curriculum focuses on three prominent coding languages, which represent the very foundation the vast majority of contemporary websites are built upon — HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The training is geared towards beginners and novices. No previous experience of these particular languages is necessary. However, some prior programming experience is desirable. The course will guide you through all the core elements of website building, covering the content, layout, and the behavior of web pages.

The classes will be held twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday, starting Tuesday, June 4, at 6:30 p.m. U.S. Pacific Time. There will be a total of eight classes, which you can attend both online and in-person. The online tickets are $300, while students will have to set aside $1,500 for onsite classroom training tickets.

You can find more details regarding the contents of the course and purchase tickets at Eventbrite.

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