Campsites on the Ditto Landing

Ditto Landing Starts Construction on New Campsites

Brandi Quick, Ditto Landing’s executive director, explained that these new campsites would be a full-service experience. Ditto Landing plans to add 40 new campsites which would double their campsites’ inventory, as well as provide sewage, water, and electricity access to these sites.

A new entrance, as well as a new guard shack, are planned to aid the guards in monitoring the entrances and exits.

Ditto Landing was hit by devastating floods in February and March, which put most of the area underwater. However, the area has recovered in recent months. Luckily, the construction area was unaffected by the flooding.

Quick stated that the work on sewage was complete and that they are starting work on the roads. Quick also emphasized that even if water levels rise again, the construction would be unaffected.

Ditto Landing logoWhile sewage construction may be complete, the rest of the project is up for bid. Bids for putting in electricity, water, roads, and finishing campsites are currently being considered.

If bids are within budget, Quick expects construction to start in July and finish before the Autumn camping season ends.

Ditto Landing’s management revealed that this was only the first of many planned phases, as they intend to expand and add even more campsites in the future.

However, Ditto Landing’s future expansions are dependant on the increasing demand for nature tourism.

Ditto Landing officials have also revealed an enthusiastic master plan. So far, Ditto Landing seeks to expand its marina, add rental cabins, and a riverfront restaurant, as well as establish mountain biking trails and zip lines on an undeveloped area on Hobbs Island Road.

Phil Riddick, Madison County Commissioner, relegated $20,000 from the district budget to help alleviate expansion costs.

Huntsville’s director of long-range planning stated that the intention was to turn Ditto Landing into a recreational hub for the city, without damaging the ecosystem.

Jeffrey Coy, who used to work as a rowing coach at Harvard, revealed that he would open a watersports rental store and start summer and training camps at Ditto Landing.

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