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Pope Francis Compares Abortion to ‘Hiring a Hitman’

In a speech to a Vatican-funded pro-life conference, Pope Francis called on physicians and men of the cloth to encourage families to go through with their pregnancies. He questioned if it was justified to terminate a life just to “resolve a problem” and compared it to “hiring a hitman to resolve a problem.”

The Pontifex Maximus stressed that this was a human issue rather than a religious one.

And he harshly criticized terminating a pregnancy based on genetic deficiencies found by prenatal testing, claiming that everybody had a right to live and that no one was incompatible with life.

Traditionally, Popes have been strongly critical of abortion, Pope Francis being no different. These new comments come after a wave of pro-life laws passed in various U.S. states, including Alabama.

The lawmakers behind these new restrictions predict the defeat of their bills in lower courts, hoping to push the issue all the way to the currently conservative U.S. Supreme Court.

If the Supreme Court upholds the bill, this will allow other states around the U.S. to impose similar abortion restrictions.

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