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A Family Dispute Ends in Shooting

Recent research shows a substantial increase in the usage of firearms in the U.S. East Alabama was proof of this during a family dispute in Russell County. The investigators explain that a father shot his son in the chest during a heated argument. Sheriff Heath Taylor says the son is in critical condition and that his father shot him in self-defense.

Along the quiet Padgetts Road in the Seal community, a shot echoed in the afternoon hours. The shot from firearms came from the Catrett family house. The family entered a heated argument with their son, Brandon Catrett, 38 years of age, who threatened to murder them. The investigators on the case explained that the man’s father, James Catrett, shot his son in the upper chest as an act of self-defense.

Brandon Catrett was rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound in the upper torso and is in critical condition. Russell County Sheriff who was on the case stated that it was disturbing that the father had to shoot his own son to stop him from killing him. The Sheriff also added that James Catrett was not arrested but that he would be charged, and the case was presented before a grand jury.

A similar case occurred in the Bronx when a schizophrenic father attacked his son who murdered his father in self-defense. A new New York University study shows that gun violence causes great tragedies not only in family disputes but in mass shootings. Researchers have found that public propaganda in media causes people to acquire guns for different reasons.

What they have in common is that the reason behind the purchase of guns, in many cases, is that people fear their rights will be restricted. Researchers went through 9,700 documents, and they discovered that background checks were increased in the states with the least restrictive gun-control policies including Oregon, Alabama, Florida, Kansas, Arkansas, Idaho, and Ohio.

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