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Alabama makes an appearance in a new Marc Maron movie

The stand-up comedian, writer and “WTF Podcast” anchorman, Marc Maron, appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and presented his new flick filmed in Alabama.

While he was reciting the plot of his new movie in front of the audience, the crowd shouted out and clapped on hearing that it was filmed in Birmingham, Alabama. The reaction surprised both the comedian and Jimmy Fallon.  “What, is the whole state here? It’s a great city,” Marc commented.

The movie is directed by Lynn Shelton, and it tells the story of two women who received an antique sword circa the Civil War as an inheritance from one’s deceased grandparent. It was believed to be proof of the fact that the South won the war.

It’s mentioned that the show was shot in Birmingham, Alabama in record 12 days.

It was recently announced that the movie would take part in the Sidewalk Film Festival 2019.

The movie stars Marc Maron, Michaela Watkins, Jon Bass, and Jillian Bell.

Marc Maron and Shelton already have an experience of working together on another project – the show “Glow.”

Now you can enjoy the movie in selected theaters across the US.

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