Bruce Pearl barely escapes aligation

Auburn Basketball coach barely escapes prison amid a bribery scandal

Former Auburn University coach, the ”star” of the much-discussed bribery scandal that involved some of the most prestigious colleges in the area, avoided going to prison.

On Wednesday, the jury decided to punish him with community services instead of sentencing him for the term in prison. The supervised release will last for two years.

Earlier, it has been mentioned that Person received the bribes that total around $90 grand to steer top players to a government cooperator pretending to be a financial counselor.

The sentencing aimed for two years in jail, while two other coaches taking part in the scandal and found guilty were released and received leniency.

The judge leading the case mentioned that there she sees no purpose in sentencing the perpetrator for a term in prison, as it is not an adequate form of punishment in such a case.

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