Mickey Paulk

It protec it attac but most importantly it’s high on crank

The authorities found a pet squirrel during the raid at an apartment of an Alabama citizen. The so-called “attack squirrel” was kept in cage and authorities claim that it has been fed methamphetamine in order to make it aggressive.

The 35-year-old owner, Mickey Joel Paulk, denies all accusations and pleads not guilty. He claims that he has nurtured the squirrel since it was a baby, and there is no way he would do it any harm.

However, having a pet squirrel is illegal in the state of Alabama and the owner will face the wildlife abuse charges.

The squirrel Paulk named “Deeznutz” hasn’t been tested for meth as there is no safe way to do that, a spokesman for the Limestone county police department declared. The animal was later released into the wild.

In late June, Paulk was arrested on new charges following the car chase. The man was fleeing from the police and smashed into the officers’ vehicle. The investigators managed to seize the offender, and now the prosecutors indict the man on multiple abuse allegations.

The authorities said that Paulk’s case was investigated by the narcotics department officers who started the chase after the perpetrator was spotted leaving the motel in Killen on a stolen motorcycle.

Now Paulk is in jail and is charged with several felonies including wildlife violation, attempt to flee, criminal misconduct, stealing, and illegal firearm possession.

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