Justin Powell Basketball in Auburn

Justin Powell Commits to Auburn

Bruce Pearl, the coach of Auburn, was the first to notice Powell. Justin has just finished freshman year of high school; he was still relatively unknown. Pearl saw him play by accident, and probably some of his moves caught his attention. The coach said that he’d come again and after an even better game, he was offered a scholarship just a couple of months later.

Both Powell and Auburn were unknown at that point. Auburn was going through a 14-year-long rough patch. But now, only two years later, things are looking great for both Powell and Auburn.

The connection between Powell and Pearl was before Powell was ranked and while Auburn was still in a bad spot. With his 180 pounds and 6’5”, he is already the size of a college player. While he received no offers from Louisville or Kentucky, other colleges like Tennessee, Georgia, and Cincinnati reached him in the past.

Furthermore, he even visited places like Syracuse and Kentucky after receiving the offer from Auburn. The coaches from Auburn kept in touch with him for the past two years, and BP even visited four times. Powell also admitted that he transferred so he could be a bit closer to home.

He also said that he would feel at home and rather free in Alabama. Furthermore, he’ll be able to experience both the college lifestyle and play basketball. Finally, Powell said that no other school felt as good and homely as Auburn.

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