Elon Musk with Mind

Reading minds is not so surreal anymore, thanks to Elon Musk

The future is closer than we thought with the Musk’s new invention – an implantable device that reads people’s thoughts and transforms them into actions. The secretive project was unveiled this week presenting a possible concept of a wireless device that is capable of operating in symbiosis with the human brain.

The announcement took place at the California Academy of Sciences where Elon Musk explained the principles of work of his invention and described it as a tool to fight off what he considers to be an ultimate danger for human race – artificial intelligence (AI).

The startup was founded in 2017 and now it represents a totally plausible concept of an implant that is designed to improve the human brain’s performing capabilities. Neurolink declares that its device has advanced toward the objective of achieving a beneficial interaction between a human brain and small neuron threads designed to boost the work of human neurons.

Musk claims that his achievement is capable of revolutionizing science and helping treat medical conditions like Perkinson’s disease. Max Hodak, a Neuralink’s president, mentioned that scientists have been working along with medical doctors for years to achieve significant results in the sphere of brain activity and to find possible ways of interacting with neurons.

The new concept of the implant can significantly improve the progress in this field opening up new possibilities and ways to fight and even prevent Parkinson’s disease along with various other medical conditions.

Over the past two years, progress in the development of these devices has advanced to the extent that the first human trials are already planned for as early as 2020. The version of the implant is only accessible for patients with severe medical conditions like a complete paralysis due to upper spinal cord injuries. Neuralink plans to install four devices in the trial subject’s brains to test their activity..

The device was earlier tested on rats and monkeys. “A monkey has been able to control the computer with his brain. Just, FYI.” – Musk claimed while revealing his plans during the answer session at the California Academy of Sciences.

Musk claimed that he sees a double purpose in his project: protecting humankind against an AI threat and helping treat incurable diseases.

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