Roy Moore

Roy Moore is back on track to run for Senate

Roy Moore, a hard-right Republican, plans to run for Senate in the state of Alabama once again. He is looking for a possible revanche against Doug Jones, the Democrat who defeated him by narrow margin in the previous race.

The reason for his defeat was the series of allegations of sexual assault and misconduct with teenage girls from a long time ago. During the time when he took part in a 2017 race, around six women, some as young as 14, accused Moore of sexual misconduct. Roy Moore was an assistant district attorney around the age of 30 at the time of alleged assaults.

Moore denied all the allegations and called his 2017 defeat “a fraud.”

The decision to renominate his candidature for the 2019 election occurred after some of the most significant politicians from the same party strongly opposed his decision to run again. Moreover, Donald Trump himself predicted Moore’s defeat saying that he “cannot win.”

Moore’s fellow Republicans discouraged him from running for the seat, saying that his political integrity is quite shaky and his views are too contradictory.

Mr. Trump tweeted earlier that Republicans can’t allow themselves to lose the seat in Senate to a Democrat again in a once red state. Later he added, “ I have NOTHING against Roy Moore.”

Moore then responded saying “Can I win? Yes, I can win”, sweeping away all the criticism surrounding his decision.

Roy Moore, a former assistant district attorney, and an Alabama chief justice, is utterly supported by evangelical voters after ignoring the orders of the federal court in regard to same-sex marriage.

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