Damage after storm in Central Alabama

Storm Which Swept Through Central Alabama Left Havoc in Its Wake

In the last couple of days, Central Alabama was hit by strong storms bringing heavy rain, lightning, and gusty winds. No one was injured, but fallen trees along with down power lines caused some temporary road closures. During the storms, thousands of residents remained without electricity for hours. The Alabama Power officials assured the residents that the winds will continue in the upcoming days, but that the company is ready for any possible issues.

The thunderstorm sweeping through Central Alabama caused massive damage to the Montgomery community. Richard Babington, the owner of BullsEye Tree Service, received over twenty calls within just half an hour. Babington pointed out the danger of removing fallen trees after the severe weather, and he also stated that it takes around six to ten hours to remove an entire tree. The fallen trees have caused damage to many households in the area, while many roads all over central Alabama were closed for hours.

Meanwhile, within the entire area, homes remained in the dark as the storm tore down the power poles. Alabama Power stated that the number of homes without electricity at that time was 18,000. Within just a few days time Michael Sznajderman from Alabama Power stated that the remaining amount of households still without power was around a few hundred. He also noted that the company is ready if the storms continue across central Alabama.

Sznajderman also added some tips for homeowners to prepare for the upcoming storms. Although there is not much to full-proof the home, some essentials can still minimize the damage. The Alabama Power official commented that surge protectors around all important appliances as well as the fuse box would help.

Practical things like charging the cellular phone while there is still power, and making sure that you cool down the home before the storms hit again, are some of the things mentioned by the electricians working with the company.

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