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The Best County to Live in Alabama

Two years in a row, we have the same winner but the same loser as well. According to recent research, the worst county to live in Alabama is Wilcox County.

Taking into consideration the average life expectancy, poverty rate, number of people with bachelor’s degree at least, and average incomes, Wilcox County is the worst place to live in for two years in a row. Now, it is an entirely different story for the best place.

Research shows that the best place to live in Alabama is Shelby County. It is worth mentioning that only the counties with a population over 10,000 are taken into consideration.

Shelby County managed to increase its population by seven percent during the last five years. Interestingly, that percentage is around 1.5 for the entire state. The poverty rate for Shelby County is almost 10 percent below the average for the State of Alabama, and it is 8.5 percent.

Over 42 percent of adults hold at least a bachelor’s degree which is almost double the figure for the state which is 24.5 percent. Finally, the life expectancy is rather high at 79.5 years compared to statewide of 75.7 years.

Median annual household income is $74,063 for the Shelby County, making it the richest county in the State of Alabama.

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