Traffic light in East Alabama

University of Alabama researchers are working on improving the traffic lights

There are more than 600,000 signal light systems which control the traffic in the United States. Most of them remain untouched since the very moment of their installation. The government takes measures only when drivers start complaining about the malfunction of the traffic light systems.

A research team from the University of Alabama is working on a new model of the signal system, an improved and smarter concept, which is able to communicate with drivers through different ways including signs and colors.

This is thought to prevent excessive traffic on roads so that new highways will no longer be needed in the country where building them is not accessible in some areas.

In the city of Tuscaloosa, the UA researchers have arranged a partnership with a local Transportation Department so they can test their new and improved traffic lights systems. The researchers say that the project is aimed at improving the overall traffic situation in the city as well as at testing its effectiveness.

Researchers hope they can make significant progress in improving the efficiency of traffic systems and decrease the number of traffic jams so that vehicles can move more freely on the roads.

They also want to upgrade the travel way for pedestrians and bicycles, so that the overall traffic situation becomes safer and more productive for all the road users.

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