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Alabama School District Delays the Start Date After a Malware Attack

The students in Houston County will have to wait a little longer to return to their schools. That is the result of an unfortunate computer malware attack. The intrusion has shut down the computer networks and telecommunications of the system.

Initially, schools of the Houston County were supposed to open on August 1. Initially, the date changed to August 5. Now, schools should welcome their students after the summer vacations, on the 12th of this month.

David Sewell, the superintendent, confirmed that the malware attack had happened. Still, he did not reveal whether or not this was a ransomware intrusion (where the hackers request money in exchange for the taken data).

The school system has not released details regarding the impact of the attack on payroll and student information. However, Ashford High School has made a post on their Facebook account, reporting that the employees couldn’t view their deposit information. As a consequence, statements will be printed and passed out.

Sewell has reported that work is currently underway to fix the problem. According to the school board, it is the FBI and law enforcement who are helping to solve the issue, while network engineers are attempting to repair the equipment and have it running again.

Administrators and teachers returned to school on July 29, following the initial schedule.

Unfortunately, Houston County is not the only school district fighting against cyber attacks. In July of this year, John Bel Edwards, the Governor of Louisiana, had declared a cybersecurity emergency. Since three public school systems (Morehouse, Sabine, and Ouachita) suffered a malware attack, the Governor has issued a state-wide Emergency Declaration.

The investigation of the intrusions is currently in progress.

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