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Alabama’s Marriage Forms Are Changing

Earlier this year, the state legislature has passed legislation that will remove marriage licenses beginning August 29.

The Department of Public Health has shared information regarding the new marriage procedure. According to the new law, couples seeking to get married will have to fill out a certificate and have it notarized. Within 30 days, they will need to take the marriage certificate to a probate judge who would then record the marriage.

As James Cooper, the probate judge in Macon County, has stated, their signature will no longer be a requirement. He has also added that a wedding ceremony will no longer be a necessity for the marriage to be valid. However, it will still be an option for the couple.

Judge Cooper has stated that, under the new law, the marriage is official once all the paperwork is complete.

The Legislature of Alabama has voted earlier this year to change the marriage procedure to appease the probate judges who have objected to same-sex marriage. After 2015, when the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, seven conservative judges have decided to stop issuing marriage licenses altogether.

It was Greg Albritton, a Republican member of the Alabama Senate, who has proposed the state law changes. He has previously stated that the new procedure would allow everyone to obtain marriage certificates anywhere.

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