National Weather Service Refutes Trump’s Claim That Hurricane Dorian Will Impact Alabama

Just minutes after Donald Trump warned the residents of Alabama about the potential disaster coming their way with hurricane Dorian, Birmingham’s National Weather Service posted a tweet with a rebuttal. Their office has assured Alabamians that Dorian’s impact will not be felt in the state. The storm will stay too far east.

In spite of NWS’s correction, Trump has later repeated the claim and has yet to delete the tweet where he names Alabama one of Dorian’s destinations.

This Sunday, the hurricane crashed into the Bahamas with high-speed winds, reaching devastating 175 mph. The water levels have also risen to 23 feet above the norm.

The National Hurricane Center has forewarned that Dorian will be approaching Florida over the week.

As of now, the U.S. states on Dorian’s course are Florida, Georgia, and North and South Carolina. These have declared a state of emergency, and more than one million people have evacuated their homes along the east coast.

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