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Republicans in Alabama Opposing the Appointed Board of Education

Recently, the GOP’s executive committee has voted in opposition to the constitutional amendment voters will be able to weigh in on in March 2020. In the City of Auburn, out of 461 members, 64% have voted against the proposed amendment.

It was the Republican Governor Kay Ivey who has called for a change in Alabama’s education leadership. The state has repeatedly been ranking low on math tests and reading, and all successful states have appointed a board. Both Ivey and Republican member of Alabama’s Senate Del Marsh have supported this proposal.

If voters approve the amendment, the governor will appoint the new education commission, while the Alabama Senate will confirm it. Additionally, according to the proposal, Common Core curriculum standards would be replaced with new standards.

However, the GOP has taken a firm stance against the constitutional amendment. The party urged everyone to vote “no” and keep “our right to elect” members of the school board. The fundamental disagreement regarded the amendment’s impact on Common Core standards. These are a group of learning conventions that have been proving controversial in the past years.

The Republican Party’s resolution expresses a fear that the new standards will conclusively establish Common Core, just under a different name.

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