Football Player Bryce Young

Bryce Young to Play for Crimson Tide After Parting With USC

This Sunday, Alabama team drew all attention when quarterback Bryce Young revealed his switch from USC to Crimson Tide. According to Young, the decision was extremely difficult. As he stated, he has formed excellent relationships with the California team staff. Young will always have a lot of respect for his former coaches, Helton and Harrell, as well as all fellow team members.

The quarterback elaborated saying that he did not make a choice overnight. He believes that this change is, presently, the best option for him. As Young said, both he and his family have been hoping for it for a while. He added that God wants him to play for Alabama and that he is looking forward to all opportunities Crimson Tide will provide. Young has played for USC since July 2018, but the rumors about the Alabama transfer have started long ago.

The quarterback has made more than forty touchdowns over the last two seasons, as well as 3,600 passing and 300 rushing yards. According to 247Sports, Young is the number one dual-threat quarterback in the whole country, and number four player overall. He visited Tuscaloosa this weekend where he officially announced his departure from California. The recruiter was Steve Sarkisian, once the head coach at USC.

Young was heavily sought-after this year, with 28 offers coming his way. Among those were proposals both from UCLA and Miami, but it was always apparent that the race was between USC and Alabama. Young’s former and current team will go head-to-head in the next season’s opener in Texas.

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