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Investigators in Alabama Hoping for New Leads in a 22-year-old Cold Case

More than twenty-two years ago, Alabama police were stumped by a bizarre murder case. In April 1997, a teenager found a mutilated body in the Cotaco Creek. The victim’s hands and head were missing, as well as his spleen and heart. In turn, his identity is still unknown. The investigation concluded that the victim was a man in his 20s, 5 feet 9 inches tall, and he weighed 155 pounds. 

The police believe that the removal of hands and the head was an attempt to hide the victim’s identity. When it comes to the heart and spleen, the murderer might have tried to keep any wounds hidden. 

The victim was bound by rope, and additional pieces of it were found at the scene. There were also several air fresheners with the body. The investigators believe that the killer was the one who left the body near Arab, in the forest. 

Twenty-two years ago, a witness claimed to have seen a suspicious man near the crime scene. Recently, the police have revealed a rough sketch of the potential killer and are asking the public for any help.

The head investigator at the Marshall County’s office, Keith Wilson, is looking to solve the case finally. He has plenty of paperwork from years ago, but it is challenging even to discover who the victim was. According to Wilson, the body did not match any missing person report from that period. He believes the key lies in the victim’s identity and urges anyone with information to come forward. Wilson has stated that he hopes to resolve this mystery before his retirement.

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