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Phenix City in Alabama to Trap Stray Cats Following the Residents’ Complaints

After the felines moved into a Phenix city park, those who frequent the place started complaining. City officials said that the feral cats are disturbing the visitors of the Idle Hour Park, begging them for food. As a response, the city plans to trap the animals and take them to a shelter, where they will hopefully get adopted.

Steve Smith, the Assistant City Manager, has reported that around 50 cats are living in the park. As he stated, it should take several weeks to organize and carry out the trapping.

The city’s plan received a mixed response from the residents. Some of them, like Angela Dawkins, approve of the officials’ effort. As she fears the cats, she found it impossible to sit down and relax in the park.

Another park-goer, Melissa Castillo, believes that the felines might be carrying certain diseases. According to her, the trapping plan is at the best interest of everyone who visits Idle-Hour Park.

However, some Phenix residents do not agree with the city’s plan and are calling for a public forum. The forum should allow everyone to suggest a solution and give the city more than a single option.

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